Henry at Three Months


  • chewing on his fist ferociously
  • smiling when we say “I love you!”
  • watching Mozzi run all over the house
  • playing with toys in his gym
  • sit/stand x repeat all day long!
  • eating every two hours during the day
  • sleeping all night! WOOHOO!
  • swinging/jumping in his bouncer


  • the hour right before bedtime
  • bonking his head against corners 🙁
  • being in a car seat, without the car moving

Looking Like:

  • longer lashes, brighter eyes, intense focus, enormous, squinty-eyed, open mouth smiles
  • crooked smile 🙂
  • big chest and barrel tummy


  • First laugh – One evening I was sitting on the bed with Henry, and Mozzi jumped up and started bouncing around. Henry thought this was hilarious and burst out into his very first session of deep belly laughing! Oh, those little giggles just made my entire week!!! I even caught the tail end on camera 🙂
  • First Christmas – Is there anything better than Christmas with a baby!? We spent the holiday with my parents and brothers and sister. Henry got to meet my dad, Sarah, and Michael for the very first time! I was so tickled, watching my siblings play with Henry and love him like I do  🙂 Henry is outfitted to the nines with Christmas jammies, hats, and books galore!


  • Baby Blessing – Henry was blessed on Christmas Eve by Oliver, who gave such a sweet, sincere blessing. He was surrounded by a huge circle of friends and family. Grandpa Scott kept Henry quiet by using his little finger to stick a binky in his mouth during the blessing while the whole group bounced him up and down and up and down. We recorded the blessing and kept it in his files.
  • Mirror – Henry is absolutely delighted when he sees his own reflection in the mirror. He gets this huge grin and starts squealing and smiling and hoo-hoo ing at himself. It’s adorable.
  • Cousins – James and Margaret LOVED little Henry. They called him “baby” and took care of him by bringing him binkies and bottles from their baby dolls. They patted his cheeks and held him in their arms, occasionally when he would have preferred to keep laying down, haha!

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