Henry at Two Months


  • Chewing and sucking on his fist
  • Sitting and standing up with a little balancing assistance from Mom or Dad
  • Smiling and bursting into big grins
  • Talking and cooing with little AGHs and OOOOs and AHHHHs.
  • Sucking on his binky


  • Laying down for too long….he wants to be on the move all the time!
  • Wet diapers. Change them STAT, mom!

Looking Like:

  • Getting nice and chubby! Long lashes, big dark blue eyes, plump little lips, big hands, strong little legs, light brown/slightly golden hair.


  • Now sleeping 6 hours + 3 hours at nighttime!
  • First successful mom pumping/dad bottle feeding session! Wahoo!!


  • Henry sitting contentedly in his rocker, sucking on his binky while the entire house was packed up and moved around him.
  • Bunking with Mom and Dad while his room was still in boxes
  • Seeing Christmas lights for the first time…staring at them endlessly.
  • Going to the mall! Staring wide eyed at all the bright lights and colors.
  • Going to church for the first time ever! He slept though the first half, ate a little, and slept through the second half!
  • First Thanksgiving! Dad heated up dinner with a rice cooker since we didn’t have any kitchen appliances yet.

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