2017 10 Family Letter – Baby Giggles and Cookie Crumbles


October was our first month as a family of three! My Mom stayed for the first couple weeks, which was beyond wonderful! What a serious debt of gratitude we will always owe her for helping ease us into parenthood! When she left, I woke up the next morning so sad she was gone I told Oliver we absolutely had to get out of the house STAT and do something really fun or I was going to be mopey all day. So, we dubbed it our first Saturday Family Adventure (we try to go out and do something fun (usually outdoors)) as a family every Saturday now) loaded all of our gear and baby’s gear in the car, and drove down to Big Basin for an afternoon full of hiking, huge redwood trees, mountain drives, and cool, crisp air. Since the tragic departure of my own mommy, I am happy to report we are getting the swing of this whole having a child thing 🙂 More or less. My body is now used to all of the mid-night feedings and I have managed to keep the house tidy, laundry done, Mozzi walked and bathed and played with, and of course, my favorite little boy happy and well! Wahoo! Also, proud to say that I have taken a shower every day since he was born! Woop woop!

Henry has officially grown from a newborn into a baby! (I still can’t believe I have a baby!) He has the biggest eyes, chubbiest cheeks, and most expressive little mouth. Oliver can get him to burst out into dozens of smiles now, which makes me slightly jealous! (He doesn’t smile as much for the milk machine as he does for his daddy!) He is particularly strong for his age, I think, since he has been able to hold his head up and turn it from side to side during tummy time (which he loves!) for a couple weeks now. He also likes sitting up with a little assistance and looking around, staring at his favorite colorful board books and inspecting the source of all light in the house. He communicates in little WAHs and gurgles and grunts, which I am learning to understand as difference requests or complaints. Mozzi has been whacked a couple times by his flailing arms, which always makes him back farther away from the baby. Hah. He knows the rules — no touching!

I am also happy to report I boxed up and put away all of my maternity clothes a couple weeks ago (Was I so sick of those!) and MAN it has never felt so good to be back into my normal clothes! Thanks for the good genes Mom! 🙂 I also know that I am feeling back to my normal self because my impulse to organize is in full force, as well as the endless desire to make and build things! My first project post baby was a little baby gym–the ones that sit on the floor above baby that you can hang toys from. (Photos to come soon!) Oliver and I had great fun going to Home Depot and getting the wood and doing a little drilling and sawing and home assembly! It isn’t quite done, but we tested it out with some string and toys we had on hand with Henry the other day, and he looked up at the little hanging things in pure wonder and even managed to bat some of them around. Of course Oliver and I spend a ridiculous amount of time admiring our baby and thinking that surely he is the strongest, smartest, most fun, most handsome baby that ever did live. His little achievements thrill us and his smiles make us absurdly happy. We’ve laughed ourselves to tears over more than a few not-appropriate-for-the-public incidents involving baby bodily functions and relish the perfect times when everyone is happy and fed and clean and we can all just waste away an hour together, playing and talking and smothering Henry in snuggles and kisses. Wow, I kiss this kid so much. 😀

The big news on Oliver’s side is that this month also marked the end of his time with the startup. Time to move on to other opportunities! Alas, that’s just the way the startup cookie crumbles more often than not. As a result, he has spent the majority of his time as of late on the phone and flying around the country for interviews at cool new companies that he is really excited about. No decisions yet, but this all means we may or may not be moving! Right now it’s looking like we will either stay right here, move to Denver, move to Salt Lake, or move to Phoenix. Only time will tell!

Well, that’s a wrap for October! Love to all!


Rebecca, Oliver, Henry, and Moz


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