Henry at One Month Old


  • Being warm! The little guy wears long sleeve PJs, a swaddle blanket, and at least two other blankets on top of him to go to bed at night (and its been 80+ degrees these days!)
  • Staring into Dad’s eyes in the evening
  • Being held, or in a slightly upright position
  • Stretching his tiny arms high above his head
  • Tummy time! He can already lift up his head and turn it to the other side!

Dislikes: Being cold (see above). Gas bubbles :(. Being put in the carseat (though once he’s moving, all is ok in the world again!)

Looking Like: His dark hair is lightening up already! It’s gone from dark dark brown (almost black) to a soft medium brown (and when the sun hits it, it looks almost strawberry blonde!) He still has a nice rosy and tan complexion and dark blue eyes.

Weight: 10.2 lbs! I don’t think these newborn size clothes will last much longer!

Sleeping: Really well! He will normally do one or two four hour stretches of sleep at night, otherwise he wakes up every three hours to eat. Not bad! After a month am finally starting to get in the groove of this new wake/sleep cycle. He usually eats at 8/9pm, midnight, 3AM, 6AM, 9AM, etc…he is a bit of a morning guy and is usually awake and chatty after the 6AM breakfast. Sometimes I can get him to go back to sleep, sometimes I bring him into bed to snuggle for an hour or so until it’s time to get up for the day. He surprisingly sleeps best in his crib in the other room and will jabber a bit in his sleep 🙂 The only thing that can wreak havoc on his good mood are the dreaded gas bubbles. We’ve been doubling up on burping to manage 🙂

Eating: Every three or four hours at night when he wakes up, otherwise pretty sporadically throughout the day…at least every three hours (sometimes every hour!)

Life: Those moments when absolutely everything is right in our world are the times Oliver and I find ourselves hysterically laughing at something Henry did. From his enormous sleepy grins, to grown man sized toots, to his little scowl or fishy face, this little guy keeps us laughing. We’ve also been out of the house and into nature as much as possible for hikes and walks in the fresh air. He snuggles into Oliver’s chest in the baby carrier and is perfectly content…as long as we keep moving forward!

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