2017 07 Family Letter – Glorious Reunions


For the first time in a very long time, I am struggling to keep up with my to do list! Life has been moving fast these days. Oliver has been ever busy with company events, pitches, meetings, and long work days. My belly is getting ever bigger, and the days left in our Stanford apartment were counting down quickly! We spent pretty much every Saturday together this month (and many evenings after work) apartment hunting and rushing to showings. At long last (actually, this was in August – so this letter applies to all of July and the first week of August ;)) we found THE PERFECT APARTMENT. A/C, washer/dryer, (surprisingly rare around here!), big windows, beautiful new interior, quiet and green complex with a gym and pool and playground and BBQ area! PLUS it’s super close to two beautiful parks and grocery stores (both musts if I’m going to be home all day with a baby!). After we drove away from the showing, we chatted for a couple minutes and immediately turned back around to reserve the place. And good thing, too! All apartments left in the complex were gone in the next hour! We’ve spent the last week packing up the apartment, which means I got a chance to show off my super dooper packing and moving skills to Oliver (I think it’s safe to say that I’m pretty well practiced by now? hah)…..with the one very large limitation…I can’t move any boxes! Agh! I actually usually end up injuring myself in some way whenever we move, anyway, blinded to physical side effects by sheer excitement and desire to get everything done (and do it myself) right away. So, just trying to calm down and not put myself into early labor here. hah!

Speaking of, only 8 weeks left?! Can you believe it?! We’re nearly ready for baby (stuff wise, at least!) But let me back up a little….

July was extra fun for me–I took a week and a half off of work to head to Utah! It was such a treat to be with family! Sarah, Kipper, AND Michael were all in town, and Oliver even flew in for the last couple days (and the Baxter reunion!) The Palmers were so kind and threw me and baby boy a wonderful baby shower, so I got to see the extended Palmer clan too! THEN, the Baxter side threw a surprise baby shower for the three of us having babies around the same time! Double wonderful!! I sure felt loved and spoiled by all of the fun and generous presents and family time! Sarah flew in a little early for EFY, so we got in some good sister time running errands and chatting before all the cousins and aunts and uncles rolled in! It was really wonderful that Oliver was able to make it for the reunion, as he missed the last one, and I’m not sure if lots of my family has ever even met him, other than at the wedding! I think it’s safe to say he won them over with his charm and chats, and, of course, biking skills. After hanging out with the big crowd all weekend and even participating in his very first family reunion misadventure (hah!), I would say he has officially been fully inducted into the tribe. Luckily said misadventure only ended in cuts and bruises and blood, and Michael and Oliver were able to patch up Kaitlyn, the casualty of the biking adventure, well enough in the end (I hope! Sorry Kaitlyn!) — these kids have to be more careful!! Needless to say, I do not share the same thirst for wild adventure that Oliver and the rest of my siblings do. Anyway, while they were flying down mountains on bikes in the dark, the gals and I toured some gorgeous houses in the area. Just having all that time to talk to family was beyond wonderful, I could go on and on!!

At the moment, though, I’m sitting in our little apartment, with is all packed up in boxes (getting ready for our move this Saturday) looking at pretty much all the pictures Oliver and I have ever taken together, listening to old Taylor Swift songs, and waxing super nostalgic 😃 Yesterday (August 9th) was our third wedding anniversary! We postponed the celebration until we get settled in our new place next week and spent the evening boxing up our life and preparing for our next great adventure! Man, I love this guy. Lots of changes coming our way, and very soon!


Oliver and Rebecca

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