2017 02 Family Letter – Buckets of Flowers


This month has been such a blur, I’m worried if I even have much to report! Our evenings, weekends, and even lunch hours have been so packed that we have been hard pressed to find any downtime. Collateral damage from this crazy month has been… the laundry. By the time we made the trek down to the basement with our overwhelmingly heavy Ikea bags (transportation method of choice!) we had NINE LOADS OF LAUNDRY to do. Keep in mind that we don’t have a baby in our house or anything, so that’s pretty much unacceptable. Oops. Furthermore, westepped out of the elevator in the basement and into about 4-5inches of water!? You may have heard about the intense rain that has been falling non stop in California….the reservoirs are so full they evacuated nearby towns for fear that they would burst and submerge the surrounding area in five feet of water. Needless to say, CA doesn’t seem to be quite equipped to handle this much rain, nor is campus architecture! Hah!

Oliver has been working on projects in multiples…keeping up with class full time, consulting for Embraer “halftime”, working with a friend on some new AI technology that would help train self driving cars, meeting with classmates about the possibility of venturing into real estate and starting their own fund after graduation, and writing memos on tech grand strategy for a visiting executive of a mega company. And then, you know. Life. We spend at least six hours at church each Sunday (three of which I am sitting in the car while O is in bishopric meetings or doing tithing stuff) and then another two hours or so talking to family immediately when we get home…so our “free time” on Sunday starts at around 6:30PM and ends when we crash…at like…9PM. And then striaght back to work in the morning. Phew. Our car threw a mini temper tantrum over the last little while…first the headlights burnt out, then we got a flat tire, and then the battery died! Luckily all of these turned outto be easy enough to fix.

Fun news…we finished our taxes early this year! Whoop whoop! Thanks to our combined income generating efforts, we should be able to payoff the last of Oiver’s Stanford business camp (har-har) loans by the end ofthe year….IE: less than a couple months after he graduates! Very proud financial planning moment over here! The average out coming debt from the GSB is between $75-100k that you pay offover a 10 year term, and we would been right there with everyone this June (although you don’t know me at all if you think for one second I wouldn’t hurry that schedule up to 5 years max!) had we not come into the whole experience with a detailed plan that was improved upon by some great employment opportunities along the way. The rest of the month was packed with dinners, temple trips, game nights with friends, babysitting for friends, helping friends move, and a endless stream of other commitments.

I attended/threw a couple baby showers this month which are SO FUN! Seriously, it my new favorite social activity. I love making presents, setting up the balloons, chatting with everyone….it’s so important to celebrate becoming a mom for the first (or even fifth!) time! I was a little behind on my crafty schedule for one particular shower, so I went to Joann’s over lunch and bought some fabric, ran home after work, washed my hair, sewed a quick baby quilt, and wrapped and delivered it an hour and a half later. Whew!

Valentine’s Day this year was a blast. I had some appointments in the afternoon the day before, so I took a half day off work (WHAT A TREAT TO BE OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! WOOO!!!) and we launched into full Valentine’s fun afterwards! Delicious dinner, movie, cuddling, googley eyes, reflecting on memories past, silly cards, the whole nine yards. It was grand. Perhaps my favorite thing, though, was seeing the checkout lines flooded with people buying flowers and treats for the special ones in their lives. Ah, love.

Hey, it may not always be seamless, but, life is good 🙂


Rebecca and Oliver

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  • Hi sweet girl (and Oliver),
    Your life exhausts me just thinking about it. I don’t recall ever a time in my life when I was as busy as you are, Sitting down and reading has been pretty much one of my priorities. I hope that among those activities, you are doing something you love as much as I love reading (the crafts, the get togethers–whatever it is). So excited that Oliver will be graduating soon and amazed at your financial success/goals. You are an amazing young woman who married an amazing young man. Just be sure to take time to breathe. Love you.