2017 01 Family Letter – Red Poppies and Teal Showers



Happy New Year! Though Oliver and I went to bed at 9PM on New Year’s Eve (we forgot!), I can say that we properly celebrated the new year by proxy with my amazing, never-ending 25th birthday celebration! Cards and emails and surprises rolled in all week long, I am touched by all of the thoughtfulness and kind notes! Thank you all for making ¼ of a century very memorable! For my birthday, along with flowers for my desk and lots of attention (wahoo!) Oliver got me the prettiest, tiny gold heart shaped locket. He earns extra thoughtfulness points for this, because I remember mentioning once back when we were dating that I had always wanted a boy to give me a locket. He remembered! I have to say, he has good taste in lockets, and I have good taste in men 😉 I have one distinct feeling about turning 25. Do you know when you had to run the mile in gym class? The first lap, everyone was really energetic but stumbled along a little bit, still getting used to running in their flip flops (because they forgot to bring gym shoes). The second lap, they were finally in stride and feeling great. The third lap, it started to feel like real exercise, but they kept going strong. By the fourth lap, everyone out of breath and ready for a break! Well, I feel like the last 25 years of my life were just like that first lap. The warm up is over, all the awkward aches and little adjustments have been made, and I’m finally hitting my stride.


Anyway, that was pretty much the highlight of the month for me! I have also ventured into some new crafty endeavors (quilts!) and learned a couple new programming languages. Mozzi is my trusty visiting teaching companion. We go on long walks around campus while we talk to our visiting teachees, who, lucky us, are good friends of ours 🙂


This month I have been even more impressed with Oliver than usual 😉 Not only did he fix our flat tire on the side of the road in the middle of a rainstorm, he also has been burning at all ends with seemingly endless fuel….ever consulting for Embraer, scoping out job opportunities, scouting startups and visiting HQs, managing a more than full class load, making it to the gym on the regular, cooking up a Risotto storm, bleaching the whites (I promise I clean too!) and of course, snuggling Mozzi and I on the regular. Safe to say, I would marry him again. 😉 We are well taken care of by our resident renaissance man. Two notable things that happened to Oliver (or should I say, that Oliver happened to?)this month: 1. He orchestrated Clayton Christensen’s visit to the area and evening fireside, which went fantastically. More than 700 people showed up! Second, he was asked by Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google) in front of all of his classmates to write a brief for him on how US/China grand strategy could be applied to the tech industry. (Of course, he obliged.) One thing I have learned for sure: Oliver doesn’t do small.


January surprised us with a couple weeks worth of drenching rain! California is bursting at the seams with green! Goodbye, “golden hills!” (because isn’t that just a nice name for brown, anyways?) Speaking of green, Oliver and I started our own little seed planter of herbs and flowers (California poppies, of course!) indoors under a grow light last week. And I kid you not, they sprouted in three days! Just like what Steinbeck said, right? “I hear that in California, you have to jump right back after you plant your crops, they grow so quickly!”


Lot’s of good things sprouting in the Palmer household this month!


Much love,


Rebecca + Oliver + Mozzi (+the new baby poppies!)

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