2016 10 Family Letter – Church Bells and Boot Camp


I have been delinquent!! The end of October was so crazy I didn’t even notice November start! (Actually, the crazy hasn’t died down quite yet, but I have a little breather so I’m going to crank this family letter out!)

Looking back on October, one of the most memorable events was attending Convocation at Stanford, which is an annual multi-stake event held at the Stanford Memorial Church, which is all aglow with candles and stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings and painted angels, and listen to a series of talks by professors and students while enjoying the most magical music. Oh boy, how amazing it would be to attend church every Sunday in that beautiful place! The singers were absolutely breathtaking (https://mayfieldsingers.org/)…. Cathedral acoustics just cannot be beat. If we stay in the area, we are certainly coming back for Convocation every year.

We also got to meet the new cohort of LDS business school students and spend more time with some of our favorite new people in the ward! Everyone is having their babies and I have a long list of presents to make! πŸ˜ƒ And ohhhhhhhhhhhh how I would much rather been doing that! I take the CFP a week from today and spent the last weekend at a review class (more appropriately described as boot camp). Four days straight, all day long, jammed pack with material, no time for questions, and you better not loose focus for five seconds or you will fall behind! That, mixed with a little public humiliation and nonstop cramming made for an exhausting weekend. The Zahn review class totally kicked our butts but was worth every penny. SO HELPFUL. I’ve been studying for the last number of months, and even more so lately, but honestly, I have no idea if I am going to pass or fail this thing next week. They say if you’re getting above 40% on the practice exams, just keep studying….so….hopefully the actual exam is easier. hah. But it’s a curved exam, and they won’t even tell you what a “passing score” is…so I kind of feel like I am just flying blind here. On a happier note, I’ve also been getting into real estate investing a bit lately and have been doing lots of reading and research on that front.
Oliver has been busy with school and continues to consult for Embraer. He is also taking a politics class this term, which he seems to be enjoying a lot. O earned a lot of brownie points by being super sweet and teaching my Sunday school class for me last week so I could hop on my Mom’s birthday call! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!) In addition to the usual schedule, we spent a couple evenings doing master-career-mapping and life-strategy sessions, complete with whiteboards and flowcharts, which was really helpful when trying to figure out what to do next. Still thinking through post-GSB job moves. Exciting times ahead :)) We also hired our very first CPA this month when our tax situation finally eclipsed our DIY comfort level (even though I have a background in tax). With the multiple attorneys this year, we practically have a whole team goin’ here! But in all seriousness, I am so grateful for specialists. Let the cooks do the cooking, right? Having capable, trustworthy people on your side is such a relieving thing.

So anyway, our life has been slightly hermit-ish this month due to the heavy study load, but we did manage to host a little lunch! Looking forward to being free again and for Thanksgiving break soon! Wahoo!! Little Mozzi got a haircut by yours-truly the other day, which doesn’t look too bad πŸ˜ƒ He has been patient, hanging out inside with me while I study endlessly. I know, Moz!! I wan’t to go outside too! Soon enough!!


Rebecca + Oliver

At a local VC party
Stanford aglow
Stanford gear and crochet bonnet for a good friend’s baby. (DYING! SO CUTE!)

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