2016 09 Family Letter – Ferry Rides and Evening Dips


Well we just can’t decide if it’s time to pull the sweaters out of storage yet! This area has a funny habit of cooling off right at the beginning of fall, you know…getting our hopes up and all….and then throwing a HUGE heat wave back our way in October! Agh! Such a tease.

Despite the warm weather, summer has officially come to an end! Oliver ended his “internship” officially a week ago, but Embraer asked if he could stay on in a consulting capacity as needed through the end of the year. He agreed and is doing that a couple hours a week, at a much nicer rate 😉 I am so grateful for how hard he worked this summer! Man, was it nice to be back to being a two income family for a little bit there…hahaha…Classes started this week, and he has been busier than ever! I often don’t see him until 8 or 9 pm at night but get to hear excited explanations of new classes, projects, and ventures. He will have to divulge more details in the next family letter.

Well, I have to say that my long long long felt prayers were answered this month! We had SO MANY new couples move into the ward in the last few weeks! Wow!!!! It has been so much fun making new friends, having people over for games and lunches, getting to know everyone. Friends!! Wahoo!!! :))))) I really love these girls! This month our ward had our annual “Ferry Trip” where we rented out a whole ferry and rode from San Francisco over to Alameda Island and with our bikes and picnic baskets and games in tow and spend the day playing at the park by the water and meandering though lagoon-lined neighborhoods. Beautiful.

I’ve done a bit of sewing this month, as usual, and have also been working on my new planner project (which will launch by the end of November if all goes well!). Feel like I’m finally hitting a good stride on this one! The girls in my mastermind group have been as awesome and kind and inspirational as ever, wow, how much I owe to Fizzle for getting us together! O & I also gleefully gave into the Apple watch craze this month, which is rare for us! Mine is still in the mail (agh!) but O has been thoroughly enjoying his, especially because he can go swimming with it! I ordered some crafty supplies and plan on making a few of my own watch bands.

Mozzi is developing a split personality (I joke, mostly, buttttt)…he is so calm and well behaved at home with us, and then…when we have friends over….it’s like he has never seen a human before in his entire life, and he goes CRAZY with joy!!! Snuggling, jumping on laps, trying to lick faces! ahh!!! Any tips on how to keep puppies calm when friends come over would be appreciated 😃 Also, patience and good humor from our friends is appreciated too. Man, I love my little niblet 😃









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