The BEST Tri-Fold IKEA Mirror Hack!

Do you know what the best part about shopping is? The part where you get to try on clothes in those big, awesome, shining tri-fold mirrors in the dressing room that acutally let you see how you look from 360 degrees, instead of straight on. I feel like those mirrors are the only way I can see myself how other people see me! Flattering outfits are an all-around endeavor, am I right?. (My Mom says this about hair too…you’d be happy to know Mom that I have been taking this to heart lately! ;))

Anyway, I have always wanted a full length, tri fold mirror for this very purpose. The only problem is, they all cost around $1,200 (!!!)….even this one, which is from WALMART, is way to expensive for us right now. Walmart?!! Let alone the bigger, prettier ones!



But hey, I had a crafty mind, and IKEA nearby, and a handy husband. We decided to make our own, and BOY DO I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!!!! Not even apologizing for the excess exclamation points because I am so excited!!! Ahhhh, it’s like early Christmas!!! Take a peek:




To make one like this, we bought three of these individual mirrors from IKEA ($50 each), and two sets of little black hinges ($4 each), and joined them together! So the whole project was only around $158. Still not nothing, but only 13% of what it would cost us otherwise. AHA! :)) This is going to be a bedroom staple for years to come!


If you want a taller/skinnier mirror (I prefer wider, but that’s just me) you can also buy the “mirrored closet doors” from IKEA for $40 each. That would work too.

The second best part? It folds out totally flat, and can be hung on that big white wall in our tiny Stanford apartment that we haven’t been able to figure out what to do with yet! It makes the whole apartment look SO much bigger. Art+function+cost savings=a good day at the Palmer household!

Men, it’s true. Handy projects like this will win you loooooooooooooots of brownie points ;)) Thank you Oliver!!!



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