2016 08 Family Letter – Loads of Lobster


First of all, I wanted to say a special thank you to Nana for always putting together the family letter every month and mailing it out! I know it is no small ordeal to collect letters from all aunts/uncles/cousins/kids/couples, organize it all, print it out, and mail the packet to each of us all over the world! I LOVE getting that nice, thick envelope in the mail every month and always pour over the pictures and letters. Even when we are all far away and far flung across the globe, it makes me feel close and connected to all of you. And what an amazing family we have! Reading everyone’s letters is always so inspiring–I am so proud to call you all family!

August was much like July for us over here — Oliver spent another week traveling for work, but traded Brazil for Boston this time. Fortunately, he was able to spend lots of time with Jonny and Deb while he was there and went on endless excursions with James and baby Meg. I have to say he looks good with a little baby in his arms 😉 Speaking of babies, we have an announcement!

Gotchya. 😉 But seriously, we do have a new baby in the house. After 7 years of exhaustive use, Oliver bought a new road bike! Not before agonizing over the choice for weeks and dragging me to bike shops all over Palo Alto and Mountain View, of course. His new bike is so special that it can’t bear to hang out on the balcony alone all day…it needs it’s own special spot smack in the middle of the living room. Hahaha. Just playing, Oliver. 😉 The bike is a beauty! He has been giddy for weeks. Work with Embraer has been amazing, but the summer is almost over! Classes start in September and with the start of the second year of business school also comes the start of recruiting! We are starting to think though what jobs he might be interested in after graduation and where we might end up. All of this day dreaming and future planning is lots of fun. Who knows! It might all be a grand surprise. Can’t believe were already halfway done at Stanford!

Other than work as usual, I bought a serger this month which is SO FUN to use! Now all of my sewing projects are 100x easier to finish and all look professionally done. Or, at least the seams do 😉 I’ve already put it to good use taking in a handful of my dresses and shirts and knocking out a couple new little outfits. Making little baby clothes is SO much fun…small enough to finish in one sitting, totally adorable. We need to have some of our own so I can put these projects to good use! I also took a couple patternmaking classes this month and made a bodice, skirt and dress sloaper custom built to my measurements. Sloapers are AMAZING…you do all of the hard work once and then can edit/tweak the pattern after to make all kinds of variations. I’m currently working on two dresses (adult sized ones) with some really amazing, textured fabric I recently found, one in black and one in sky blue. I’ve also started working on a project (you have probably figured out by now that when I say project 90% of the time I mean business, but I don’t call it a business until it’s actually producing profit) with a friend from my mastermind group. Will let you know when the beta launches! It makes SUCH a difference to work with a partner as opposed to going it on your own. She is a master at branding, among a whole bunch of other things. I am lucky to have such awesome friends.

Mozzi is growing up and being quite well behaved at home. I figured out a trick. Call me crazy….but it totally works. I just explain what is going on to him before it happens. Ie: Ok, I’m going to leave for work now, I’ll be home again at 5:30. Voila! No more crying in the mornings! Or, ok, I’ll save you nibble of chicken if you sit quietly and don’t jump on me at the table. Voila! He sits patiently though dinner instead of begging. Seriously, it works! I am convinced that dogs can understand us. I love my little niblet. :))

Until next month!


Rebecca, Oliver, and Mozzi

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  • I am always amazed at all you do. I think I would love to be one of your guina pigs for a customized pattern as long as you would make the dress, also. I would love jeans/pants that fit right, even more. We are having a wonderful visit with your Mom and Dad and area planning to go to Italy for a couple of days on Friday. Excited about that, since I have never been there. hope you are checking out all the pictures. We love you and are totally impressed with all that you do. Love GrandDon (my new name) and Grandpa Louie