Skin Routine + Long Time Raves

I think I have finally come full circle when it comes to skin routines and beliefs.  Finally, I have settled on a routine that has worked for me so well, I thought I would share.  Plus, I’m pretty much a walking advertisement for these products, I love and talk about them so much.

In order of rave-ability and could-not-do-without-ness:

  1. Ponds Cold Cream – I have been using Ponds in the evening to take off my makeup literally forever. (As has my mother, and my grandmother.) I know, without fail, that if I don’t take my makeup off with Cold Cream before bedtime, I will wake up feeling gross with a splotchy, dry, tired face. With Ponds, my skin is cleaned, cooled, and moisturized when I wake up in the AM.
  2. Crude Everything Oil + Microfiber Washcloth – This has been a fairly recent discovery but quickly hit the top of my essential (and Oliver’s, actually) list. Who knew that they best way to clean your face was with oil? I seriously don’t consider myself a hippie or natural nutt in anyway—this stuff just makes the skin on my face feel…like….just skin! Not tight, not dry, not greasy, just calmed down, perfectly balanced, and healthy. When my skin feels and looks my best, I am using Crude in the morning and in the evening.
  3. Fragonard Violette Perfume – I’ve spent a few years flipping between different perfumes, trying to find one I love enough to stick with it for the long run. This is my third bottle of Violette and I still LOVE it.  But really, anything from Fragonard is amazing.  This is not a celebrity turned perfume, or a clothing line turned perfume, but an original perfumery, where they gather and crush the plants and herbs and have been doing it for AGES. An institution, really. All of their scents are so amazing.
  4. Retinol Night Cream – Other than the basics like sunscreen, washing, moisturizing, I would say that Retinol gives the most bang for your buck when it comes to firming, evening, and keeping wrinkles away, and I’ve found this particular night cream to be the best vehicle for Retinol.  Sure, it smells like retinol, but it is highly concentrated, thick, and terribly reasonably priced. Oliver loves the stuff too. When we wake up, our faces feel noticeably brighter with the stuff.
  5. Thayer’s Witch Hazel Rose Petal Alcohol Free Toner Honestly, I don’t usually use toners for toners sake, but more as a “refresher” when I need to clean up, cool down, and feel good in a jiffy. And ohhhhhhh mama does this stuff smell good! When I need a pick me up, I just squirt some on a cotton ball and swipe it all over my face, and proceed to walk around the apartment smelling like I just got out of a spa.
  6. Crest 3D Whitestrips — Something that always ends up in my Christmas stocking! I don’t however, do the whole whitening program in one go, but just use a pack here and there, maybe once a month, to keep my teeth white. Not sure if that makes it better or worse, but it works for me!
  7. Dead Sea Mud MaskAnother new discovery, also not a total must have, but oh does it smell and feel so good. There is just something about throwing your hair up, putting on a face mask, white strips, and painting your nails on the living room floor that makes a girl feel pampered and good. This is by far one of the better face masks I’ve used (and Amazon agrees!)

Nighttime Routine:

  1. Smear a thick layer of Cold Cream all over your face, massage it into your skin and rub it into your eyelashes to make sure you get all the mascara out. Tissue off gently.
  2. Drip some Crude oil into my fingers (maybe a quarter size?) and massage it into my face. Let the washcloth soak under steaming hot water, and then lay it over my face for a few breaths for a little deep-steam bath. Rub face off with warm washcloth.
  3. Take a dollop of Retinol and rub it into my face, thickly, being careful to avoid my eyes.
  4. (not pictured) smear copious amounts of Neosporin wherever needed–on dry lips, scars, scabs, under/over eyes…anywhere! I’ve found this works much better than any kind of special moisturizer or cream.

Morning Routine:

  1. Wake up, drip some Crude oil into my fingers, rub into my face, rub off with steaming hot microfiber cloth
  2. Let air dry, (if headed outside, apply SPF, though unfortunately most of my days are indoors) and go!

The oil is essential, it keeps my skin perfectly moisturized, so I don’t need to apply additional moisturizer or harsh face wash at all. I’ve found both of these to be a big pain and negatively affect my skin.

Anyway, hope you found some new products to try out! One thing is for sure, I will be a Cold Cream girl ’til the day I die!


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