You Look Like You Like Your Kids

I really admire this about you. Funny, that of course everyone likes their kids. They love them! Of course they do! Love so deep and raw and sincere it could never be shaken.

But, funny. Because you look like you actually like your kids. And I notice. I love this about you.

Equally tired, equally busy, days, ever the same, little hands, ever needy. You, a mama like all the others. But unlike all the others, you are smiling and laughing, talking about all of these same things, but your face looks different. Others LOOK tired, look moderately annoyed. Everyone probably is. And terribly in love at the same time. But you… you look at your kids like they are the most delightful people you have ever met, and you like them. I like it. It makes me love them, too.

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