Baby Sweater + Crochet Pattern

Success!! I may or may not have been watching some old-age London shows recently, and was really struck by the babies in the show, more particularly, what they were wearing. Knits! Proper, warm, beautiful, handmade baby clothes. So beautiful. Naturally, I decided to learn how to crochet this week and it was SO fun! (And so much easier than knitting!)

Here is my first attempt at crochet: a little white baby cardigan.








Here is a great video that walks through some of the tricky steps (tricky for beginners. haha)


I used lightweight yarn (still have half of the ball left) and a 3.5mm hook so it’s pretty small. Newborn size, probably. Give it a go yourself! Crocheting is so fast and fun! More to come for sure! 🙂

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