2016 06 Family Letter – Sea Otters and Secret Coves



Hooray hooray! My favorite holiday is almost here! 🙂 (Though, I’m not sure any celebrations can top watching fireworks over the US Capitol Building! We miss DC sometimes 🙂 But never the humid summer heat!)

Excellent news, Oliver settled on an summer internship this month! It came down to Scratch, a FinTech startup in San Francisco and Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace company. Both enticing offers and intriguing work. In the end, Oliver decided to go with Embraer and will be spending the summer jetting between San Francisco, Boston, and Brazil, launching their new venture/corporate VC arms on each coast of the USA. A little travel, a little tech, a little defense, and a corporate cry for moonshot innovation sounds juuuuuuust the kind of thing Oliver will excel at. It’s a tall order for just one summer, but they made a very wise choice in the man to lead the charge 😉 I’m thrilled that O gets to satisfy his endless travel bug without being gone ALL summer.

In the couple weeks after classes ended and his internship starts, O has been enjoying sunny days at home with Mozzi, working on projects, sorting out travel details, tying up some loose ends with GR, and, most wonderfully….blessing me with THE BEST THING EVER…coming home to a clean house and dinner! Yum! Everyone needs a house help at home! 😉 (Oh yes, I am absolutely milking this while I can!)

I’ve signed up (finally) to take the CFP® exam this November! As such, I have a very packed, perfectly planned summer full of…studying! It feels so great to be back into the swing of things. I forgot how much I missed those CFP classes at Georgetown. I find myself soaking up the content so easily and well….which makes me think, OH, so THIS is what it’s like to actually study/work on something you are completely, wonderfully interested in. Hah. Anyway, the prep has been going well.

On the side, I’ve started building a super awesome multi variable QUALITATIVE financial planning calculator. If it’s two things I can tell you about this industry it is that…okay…three things: 1) everyone needs a holistic financial plan, even (especially) if they have no money! 2) seriously 95% of financial stability and success comes from very simple, straightforward, standard guidance…and yet so many (most) people are lacking it (or simply refuse to face reality) 3) the financial planning/wealth management industry is currently unable to profitably serve those people who desperately need financial guidance but aren’t suited for the current “assets under management” fee structure. Because they don’t have assets.

Anyway, I won’t rant on excitedly about this (because I can tell how quickly personal finance conversations kill a party (above point, proven!))….but suffice it to say that with a proper, seamless, relatively simple system…ALL of these problems could be solved. You would die if I told you how splintered the processes and software systems of these multi-billion dollar firms are. How much money and time they waste on logistics and administrative nonsense. Luckily, I have everything I need: me(qualitative inputs), Oliver (recent graduate of wicked amazing financial modeling classes), and Excel, possibly the greatest business tool ever known to man.

Stay tuned.

In other news, my second article was recently published in LDS Teen Magazine, which was fun. I haven’t been doing much on Arlais lately, as the labor required/demand proven ratio was a little soft. Again, what I really need is an automated system. That thing would be soooooooooooooooooo nice if it would only run on auto pilot! Until then, this one woman show can only handle so many projects at once, and the CFP takes priority. Why? Because family income insurance = me. A few years of work is such a relatively inexpensive investment for so much protection.

I’ve also had some fun with more sewing (with the addition of proper clothing tags and SNAPS to my stuff recently, seriously why didn’t I do that sooner!) and am taking a class on advanced sleeve construction. My drive to and from work has been surprisingly crowded! It was a faster drive through campus while school was in session! Now that the high school camps galore have flooded campus, I have to be careful not to run over swarms of sporty and techy fifteen years olds darting across the street.

Some of our friends graduated and moved this month 🙁 which is a real bummer. A couple new faces have shown up in the area, though those gone cannot be so easily replaced! We miss them. Some highlights of the month for O and me were taking trips down to Pescadero for sunny afternoons in hidden beach coves. The weather has been perfect… warm enough for swimsuits, cool enough not to bake in the sun. Most recently, we found ourselves sharing a perfectly secret little beach with a whole extended family of sea lions, laying out on the rock just a skip and a hop away from our towels.

Mozzi, the fluffy prince, gets overheated very quickly, so we try to keep outdoor activities with him to the early morning/later in the evening. We recently added a few more fish to our pond, so he has more friends to lounge with in the breezy afternoons on the 6th floor balcony.

A special shout out to me-got-a-sword and kipper-the-dog for their birthdays this month! We are only sorry we couldn’t be there to celebrate with you! And aren’t little brothers so good at giving themselves nicknames? 😉 Sorry boys…those are sticking around for a while…at least until your wedding slideshows 😉

Well I’ve got a date waiting for me back home, so it’s time to get rolling!


Rebecca (+ Oliver) (+ Mozzi) (+ the unnamed fish)


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