2016 04 Family Letter – Morning Sun


With the days getting warmer and longer, waking up in the morning has become so pleasant! The sun streams in from our balcony door into our bedroom and for the first time in ages, we are waking up gently and calmly with the sunrise…a nice change from the alarm clock!

Oliver is now in his final term of his first year at the GSB! Wow has the time flown! It looks like he will be staying local this summer and be working full time on General Radar. It will be such a treat for him to be nearby and such a great step forward for the company to have regular business hours! Hopefully by then they will have office space and a few extra sets of hands. O has been a superman lately, running Mozzi every morning, in classes full time, and working on GR with Dmitry full time too. Every day is packed full of class, projects, investor phone calls, demos, meetings, introductions, etc. They now have a demo, securely stored in a very cool, serious looking Pelican case that they can take with them to meetings and are working out the details of their first contract as we speak. This month was momentous for O/GR…they filed their first round of patents and by the time you read this letter, O will officially be a legally listed founder and shareholder on the company! Woop woop! I am lucky enough to see O and D in action when they come over to the apartment for serious work sessions that last deep into the night. They are both delighted to have warm dinner to eat and cool drinks in the fridge…. It’s easy to please such hard working men! It’s fun to be involved…I even made them a splash page/website so they have some (if stealthy and minimal) web presence for Google reasons! www.genrad.io 

The social highlight of the month was definitely “the show” — an annual musical written and performed by students in the b school. In anticipation of coming to Stanford, we watched the last few year’s worth of “shows” on YouTube — an easy way to spend hours and hours laughing so hard we almost cried. This year did not disappoint! The theatre was SO packed we had to sit in the tippy top, way at the back, against the wall, but still laughed along with all of the satire about life at the GSB. There is something so relaxing about making fun of ourselves…hhahah…very on point, if a little exaggerated, like any good show 😉 Afterwards we went to In-and-Out for treats with some of our favorite LDS couples. Two of our very favorite people are graduating this year and moving to Texas! Going to miss them a whole bunch! Not sure if the newbies will be as awesome 😉

Visiting teaching has turned from a chore into one of my favorite things, since being assigned to teach with/to friends! We all live close by and go on “walk and talks” around EV. Great way to get some fresh air/vent/bond/laugh…haha..good times.

One Sunday afternoon O and I decided to take a drive down to Santa Cruz and picnic on the beach. Mozzi of course, came along… the little fish. It was a dog friendly off leash beach, and most pups were happily trotting along the shore. When we got to the edge of the cliff, looking down over the ocean, and M saw the water and threw the loudest of loud fit of crying/barking/excitement overload we have ever head, and refused to stop until we unclipped his leash and let him dart straight into the ocean, where he spent over an hour swimming around furiously, hunting the breaking waves. Poor little guy loved it so much but got SO cold! Halfway through he came to snuggle me, shaking, and we wrapped him up like a baby in a towel until he deemed himself “warm enough” (stull shaking but not sopping) to go for another round of swimming. Everyone remarked how brave and adventurous he was for such a little guy. Yeah! Tell us about it! :)) We’ve also been SUCH proud puppy parents lately…we’ve let him off leash to play at the park for the last few days and he hasn’t darted off! Finally comes back when we call to him :)) awhhhhh

Nothing too crazy to report in my life! Work as usual. But here’s a tidbit….Trove, the startup I’ve been helping out with, launched the other week! We are now LIVE in the app store! (Just search for TROVE and we come right up!) It’s so cool to see some of my handiwork shine though. I’m now starting to dig into the analytics platform, write a broader user success plan and prepare for the next round of user interviews. Fun stuff :))




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