2016 03 Family Letter – Stanford Movinnn



I swear each month goes more and more quickly! This is what happened this month:
MOVE: Stanford is renovating our old building, so they moved us into a new apartment over Easter weekend (also Spring Break)! For three days we were living among boxes, sleeping with towels and eating on plastic plates. But we are now settled in our new apartment just down the street and are LOVING being up on the sixth floor. It has a nice breeze and doesn’t get any direct sunlight – a LIFESAVER this summer when it gets hot and we don’t have AC! Moz likes his balcony…fresh grass, fish pond, herbs, flowers, climbing vines and raspberry bushes. We want to make it our little outdoor oasis. 🙂 Still looking for the last piece…a cozy chair for reading! The apartment is pretty much the same, except we were downgraded from wood floors to carpet. It’s actually nicer because it’s quiet (on Moz’s loud little feet)…but then again….it’s blue…so, ha.
O’s projects: Oliver worked on General Radar over Spring Break. They finally settled on attorneys and are filing IP as quickly as humanly possible (thanks SO MUCH Dad for helping out! So amazing to have an awesome attorney as a Dad! :)) …because Ford has been emailing them all week asking for demos and to move forward in the contract process. The meeting with the car companies went really well!! Dmitry has a working model now to demo for investors. Now that their legal housecleaning is almost done, O has shifted his focus to fundraising. The pitch deck is looking REALLY nice. Each week he meets with people and learns absolutely invaluable things that he had no idea existed the week before. School is going well! He started his last term of the first year (can you believe we are almost halfway done?!).

My projects: AP is doing fine and is guess what?! IT’S FINALLY PROFITABLE! IE: paying for itself plus a tad more (tad meaning a few bucks haha). O is helping with some of the shoots (luckily I married a photographer!) and I’ve been busy revamping the site for spring. In the next few weeks I am going to be adding a boutique on the site that you can buy from directly (all other inventory is just linked) based on recent blog posts. My article in LDS Teen Mag should be coming out any day now. A big thanks to all my sweet Aunts and cousins who have shared AP with their friends/wards. It helps SO much!! You girls are too sweet!!! :)))) I’m working on my second project with Trove (the app startup) and am only wishing they could close their first round faster so I could join full time… asap! Work is fine. I have been a little bugged about doing so much mindless busywork lately, but wrongly so. It is a good job and provides for me and Oliver while he is in school. I am grateful.


Lately Moz has been enjoying lots of naps and “blow dry baths” — he lays on the floor of the bathroom and begs me to blow dry his tummy hahahaha. So cute. He is my little pal and refuses to sit anywhere in the house other than on my lap when I am home.
Love you all!
Rebecca + Oliver



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