Baby Bow + Headband Pattern

It’s always hard to find juuuuuuuuust the perfect thing. No? When it comes to “accessories” like bows or shoes…my go to method? Beautiful choices that will go with EVERYTHING. So in most cases, that means high quality neutrals.

One special note to this rule? Sparkly neutrals. Tell me shimmery gold isn’t the perfect choice for any outfit! Little M was in need of a white and a gold headband/bow, so…I made some!


cffee3_2fc0652f991c465d82a6d6a910abe89f cffee3_3cd79c9974e848ae827dba850995304a cffee3_4e4dd458dc75494e9a718c7ee3e67baa cffee3_5b64bc5125164b3594e0f18b3ec0d64c cffee3_6c077c9a36964f82ae09af7633d7e8d3 cffee3_6e71dfecc11d4a65a7c7657a7468c545 cffee3_12d7a823a236460dbfa567ba2009e090 cffee3_13f9ffd4eeb24e2f8055997cc154c68d cffee3_69f9a15adc4e40ba9b55a1af53a4951c cffee3_082fdcb8fc8246e9977fbcae915296ff cffee3_4562d63f19004b189ef06efa34a560cc cffee3_205827dece7d4b4192e2e72ea48d45ba cffee3_423790936cee4fcb8af441c125224364
cffee3_e40e218b73f349ae874cf05e99a911c3 cffee3_f229d0b130f74d2e819b163533449355 DARLING.

The whole process required NO sewing machine and took less that 10 minutes. All you need? Some elastic, a lighter (!!? Yes. ), clear thread, a needle, fabric for the bows, and scissors.

Baby headbands can be wicked expensive and they are SO easy to make it hardly seems right to buy them! Try it out for yourself! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PATTERN

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