Stripes and Stripes

  cffee3_87eac3468d984f28be62bc8bdb46808a cffee3_1d1ca1fab6ce4775a8ba4e3e511fbe38 cffee3_215f1d3b4bb94accacf5df89853ecf94 cffee3_95185edd42204cc3ac27b9ebdd905e41 cffee3_0848decbdda0452f8789087cb11b852c cffee3_c974adc9d18a41359541619f9122dee6 (1) Okay okay, I have a little stripe obsession. But this dress was sooo cozy I couldn't resist adding it to the fifty other navy and white items to my closet. Oops. Seriously though, this print is timeless. So stock up ladies and hold your head high. I's so flattering! Shop hundreds of stunning dresses, skirts, swimsuits and more at my eDepartment store---> Arlais Palmer.

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