Brocade Baby Dress

A week after O & I got married he was scheduled for a work trip to Taiwan. So, naturally, it was decided that Tai Pei would be the jumping off point of our month long honeymoon touring Southeast Asia.¬†And BOY did I luck out. While my experiences in other countries varied in the different levels of comfort and enjoyment (cough, that overnight train in BURMA!?) …Taiawn was an absolute gem.

I could go on and on about the goodness of the people, the kind taxi driver that called a translation service for me when I couldn’t communicate the address I was looking for, the nice man that gave me his umbrella when it started raining, or the delegation that hosted a wedding party JUST for O & I.

But here?

Here is where I will rave about one thing and one thing alone.


Now, I am no weakling when it comes to travel. If there is somewhere I am DYING to go? I will walk. And take busses. And get sweaty. And get lost. And I. Will. Find. It.

That is precisely what happened here. Even the detailed directions to the fabric market were a little…lacking, and, as a result, I only arrived at the fabric market (hidden in the 2/3/4th floors of an office building in a random neighborhood) totally exhausted after miles of walking in the 90 degree humidity & with blisters on my poor little sandle-d feet.

(pictured, only 30 minutes into the journey, trying and failing to take a selfie because the sun was so bright)

But boy, was it worth it.

If you are here, you are probablly like me. You agree that THERE IS NOTHING MORE FUN THAT LOOKING AT BEAUTIFUL FABRIC. The possibilities! The creation! The texture! The color! I’m pretty sure I LITERALLY spent 4 hours there the first time I went, and finally came home with a pile of fabric I loved so much I TREASURED it for months before finally making a cut ūüôā

(If you are traveling to Taiwan in the near feature and want to find this hidden gem, check this out —–>¬†

Behold, my various finds from my (first) day at the Dihua Street fabric market! ¬†The fabric from this trip is YET to be used up…so stay tuned for the other creations that will be born from this lot:

Leather, brocades, faux fur so plush I thought it was real, delicate white embroidery, and cool, tacky black fabric just WAITING to be turned into something dazzling.

Needless to say, I went a few times. Below, a¬†photo of the trusty humid-do….aka the bun that can sruvive all weather and was my go to on the serious fabric hunting excursions. Pictured,¬†on the metro in Taipei, coming home from another day of thrilling finds.

Now, for this dress, I wanted to use my ABSOLUTE favorite from that day on Dihua Street….this beautiful, regal brocade.

Brocade for a baby dress? Oh yeah. By now you may have figured out that I am a big believer in using cool, interesting fabric in new ways.

Don’t beleive me?¬†Just take a look at how stunning this dress turned out.

Want to make a dress like this yourself? ¬†Leave a comment and I’ll send over my pattern.

My wish for the little girl that wears this dress: Even when life is sweaty and confusing, when the path gets messy and everything around you is chaos, I hope that you will be a source of peace, security, and comfort to the crazy world around you. I wish that your laughter and love will be a light that breaks through the mess. A simple peace that cuts through the noise. I wish that when you get lost that you will keep walking and keep searching until you find your way back home to the people who love you.

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