Black Leather Kindle Case

Ok guys. Confession here.

I am a massive consumer of content and am OBSESSED with my new Kindle and all of the clever ways I have gathered to get TONS of great content (ebooks, audio books) for pretty much free, or very very little.

  1. Kindle Unlimited … for $9.99 a month you can be “reading” up to 10 kindle books at a time…as many as you can get through! Not “all” books are unlimited (yet)..but a huge huge huge selection are. :DDDD

  2. Kindle Unlimited Audio Narration. Audio books are my drug of choice. I can learn while I sew, while I drive, while I clean, while I walk Mozzi, my pup, ANYTHING. But the cost of Audiobooks can be REALLY steep ($30?!!?) for something I only listen to once. This is the perfect solution. Kindle is offering “audio” versions of their books for net to nothing, at best FREE, at worst $3-4 bucks. WAY better than other options. So get Kindle Unlimited + a couple Audio versions, and you have DOZENS of audio books/month for…like….under $20. SWEET.

  1. Library! Did you know your local library likely has eBooks and audiobooks you can download for free? My eBooks sync straight to the kindle and my audio books come in their own super easy to use App (my library uses OneClickDigital) that download in seconds flat. Thousands of options in each that are 100% FREE too and can be “borrowed” for weeks 😀

  1. Ok….the obvious one. Audible. I STILL think $15 for a book I will listen to only once is a TAD steep, considering the above, but if there is a best seller I am DYING to read that is available in an of the above ways? It likely will be here.

So, for around $30/month, I can get pretty much unlimited books + audiobooks. It. Is. Awesome.

And you better believe I have finished 5 books in the last two weeks and learned so many valuable, amazing, wonderful, insightful things.

So, with my new, beloved kindle in hand…I knew I needed a way to protect it and didn’t want to 1. End up with something ugly and bulky and 2. Permanently attach anything to it. Not a fan of the flip covers. I just wanted a simple sleeve to keep my little love clean while in my purse or laying around.

And, in seriously 10 minutes and….how much fabric was that? Next to nothing! (You probably don’t even need to buy any…and if you do, it will just be a few dollars…if that)….I had my IDEAL Kindle Paperwhite case cover.

I decided to go with black, to keep it simple and sleek, and chose a really stunning textured vegan leather fabric I picked up in Taipei. It’s tack-y on the outside, and smooth on the inside. Also, the “fabric” never frays, so there was no need to finish any of the edges.







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