2016 01 Family Letter – New Year

Wow! This month went so quickly I thought I had already written the letter, but that was for December! What happened this month?


My birthday! 24 years wise, right? Hah. A big thanks to everyone who sent nice cards, emails, and goodies from Switzerland :)) My birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we didn’t do much. I taught gospel essentials as usual.


Oliver is continuing to hunt for a summer internship. He had another few private equity interviews and a second round with Amazon (doing business development). We attended a couple pitch nights at VC firms and start up parties around town, partially because O was there representing StartX and partially because that is MY FAVORITE THING EVER to do.


My projects have been taking off! I’m doing a series of articles in a teen magazine (for promotion and collaboration purposes) and have a handful of famous fashion bloggers lined up to be featured on the site. Four other girls and I (all working on their own projects in many different industries) started up a mastermind group and it. is. awesome. I finally found my people! We meet up every Friday over lunch. It’s fun to see us all doing such cool things! One is designing a guide/program for the Whole 30, one is launching a website aimed at helping parents teach their kids life skills that they aren’t being taught in school, one is a professional chef that manufactures and sells these cool artisanal cherries (and also has a cuisine blog) and one is working on a series of travel guides for people in wheelchairs (like, the LonelyPlanet guides, but for accessible travel.) All SO smart and wonderful and helpful….it’s great to have that support network when everyone else gets tired of hearing about my endless website updates. They GET it! :DD Currently working on building APIs to automate more of my site.


I’ve been getting a little crafty lately and have had fun making baby dresses for my friends who are expecting. Five of the 9 of us are currently pregnant. Actually, 6. (Suspicious about the 7th.) I obviously am not one of them (still the ONE weirdo not in the kiddy club). Needless to say, I will be attending many baby showers this year. Still baby-less and short on conversation topics (er..web conversion? private investments? …weather?)…but at least ready with some pretty presents.


O has been taking Mozzi on long walks or runs every morning which has been SO helpful. He is getting so nice and calm and even puts himself to bed at night. He’s still my #1 boy and definitely the only child. My Mom will testify to his loyalty….he goes EVERYWHERE with me and attempts to sit on my lap every instance possible. Particularly when I have things on it. Like my laptop. Or food. I am his bed, his placemat, his protection when he gets in trouble with O, and his jungle gym. I don’t complain 🙂


Oliver has been busy with classes and StartX and the job hunt. I don’t see him much in the evenings these days. One week we were pulled out of third hour at church to help hold down the primary fort (there are THREE nurseries in our ward…so you can only guess how big primary is!). Did we teach? No not really. We wrangled. Literally. Like literally trying to keep flailing arms and legs and naked children and flying chairs to a minimum. It’s so funny how some kids are so calm and sweet and polite and others are absolute lunatics. Wondering what we can do to get the good kind.


Well, back to work work work.




Rebecca + Oliver


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