2015 12 Family Letter – Fa la la la la


Merry Christmas!! We were lucky enough to see Nana and David this year but missed everyone else. The season had me longing for the good old fashioned Christmases at Nanas big yellow house in Houston Matching PJs, sleepovers in the library, dances, ice cream, cousins. Mmm! Hoepfully we will all be able to get together sometime soon.

Oliver flew out to Brazil early on in the month for his “global study trip” and had a grand ol’ time. Some of our friends from the business school (who are Brazilian) got married while he was there, so he was able to attend his very first glitzy ritzy Brizillian banking wedding 😉 Other than that, I heard about a lot of dinners, a lot of dancing, and a lot of meetings with Brazilian GSB alum who are doing “big things” (airports, real estate, banks) over there. That’s pretty much all the detail as I was given, so he will have to tell you more about it later.

Meanwhile, Moz and I hung out at home for most of the month. Poor little guy was alone all day while I was at work, and since Dad (aka Oliver) (aka the disciplinarian) was gone, he put on a show of his very worst behavior. Eating dirt, barking, making messes, getting me in trouble. It was uncharacteristically nightmarish (he is usually so good!) and I am SO happy to have O back home again. Luckily our apartment and our neighbors survived juuuuuuuuuuuuuust until Moz and I got on a plane to meet up with O and the Palmers.  Since it was our turn to be with the Palmers this year we spent the whole vacation (my boss was nice enough to let me take a whole WEEK! Can you believe it?! Miracle!) in Mapleton where most of the time was spent at family parties, playing games, piling in the car, and throwing/shooting all kinds of things at each other (snowballs, nerf bullets). It was a treat to see everyone, especially baby Meg, Jonny and Deb’s two month old. What a little beauty and suuuuuch a good baby. We’ll take one, please!

Mozzi was surprisingly WELL behaved (now that he had company again and was back to normal!), quiet, mostly calm, and enjoyed snuggling with us at night, playing with James during the day, and hopping around in the snow. It was a white and chilly Christmas for SURE, which made for a very nice return home to (temperate) California 🙂 A big thank you to the Palmers for hosting everyone and making it such a wonderful holiday.

Oliver is starting his next quarter of classes and looking into summer internships. Maybe somewhere in Asia, maybe here in valley. Overseas would be awesome…except for the “I will have to stay here and work while he is over there” part. Boo. If he ends up going abroad and leaving us here, we are ABSOLUTELY hiring a mid-day dog walker. And yep, that was my first thought.

Well, it’s the end of the year, and we made it through grad school applications, getting a puppy, finishing the Georgetown program, quitting our jobs, packing up in DC, a cross country move, a month abroad, getting settled at business school, finding and starting a new job, buying a car, getting Mozzi back from Switzerland, passing the first quarter of B school, and our first year being married.

We’ll see what surprises next year brings 🙂


Oliver and Rebecca


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