Rose Petal & Crocodile Baby Dress

I am a texture addict. When I run my fingers over fabric or pick a flower from the garden, that is what I notice. Buttery? Bumpy? Soft? Rough?

I think some of the most beautiful deisgn is birthed from the perfect coupling of different textures. Now, I am no expert, but I wanted to play a little with this fun, bubbly pink fabric and faux crocodile white leather I got in Taipei.

The result?

Pretty dang cute.

My wish for this girl: I hope you are sweet, gentle and know how to comfort, but that when needed, you will be FIERCELY loyal and protective of those you love. Thick skin is needed sometimes in life, but who said thick skin had to be rough? I hope that you will have the strength and the toughness to keep it together and make the impossible happen when needed. You might be all roses and raindrops most of the time, but when it counts, I hope you can be a fierce, determined woman ready to tackle the hairy challenges of the world.

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