2015 10 Family Letter – Starting Again


October was a good month for the Palmer bunch 🙂

I started work and am feeling a bit more settled. Definitely the youngest in the office by at least 15 years, but it’s a good place to be. The partners are all top notch, there are only 10 of us in the office, everyone is hardworking and polite, and the fridge is stocked with Pelligrino, so I’m feelin’ good. 😉 I’m been doing a bit of work in a number of areas, like hedge/venture funds, private equity, angel investing, etc. Let’s just say some of our clients started in garages that now employ bajillions of people, who’se companies are now verbs. I’ve also put some company perks to good use lately, like cheap movie tickets and pet insurance. Woo! The small things in life, right? One of the partners in the office has the same breakfast every morning, an ENORMOUS bowl of raspberries and fresh cream. The high life, guys. One day I want to eat a huge bowl of raspberries and fresh cream for breakfast. 😉 Happy to report that my commute time is depreciating while my leg muscles are appreciating. It gets easier and easier every week and THANK GOODNESS the tail bone ache goes away too 😉
Oliver has been the social butterfly, as usual. He wrapped up midterms last week, which was a relief, and has had a number of interesting chats and “coffee dates” looking into a couple venture capital firms in the area and business development opportunities in companies nearby. The most common question he asks me (and himself, I suppose) would definitely be “………..what am I supposed to do with my life?” to which I respond “anything you want!” or occasionally “give me backrubs” 🙂 The future has been weighing on him and we have been thinking strategically about which summer internships to pursue. He’s such a sharp guy I’m not worried.
As far as friends go, we’ve had a fun time babysitting for a couple people and attended the ward Halloween party (without costumes! eek!) on Friday. BUT, THE BIGGEST NEWS OF THE MONTH!!!!
MY MOM SURPRISED ME AT THE AIRPORT while I was waiting to pick up Mozzi, thinking a friend was going to drop him off!! We are so happy to have her in town and wish we got to see family more often! Moz is settling into our little life here well, especially now that we’ve covered half of our balcony with fresh green sod, specifically for his potty pleasure. He is such a cute little nugget 🙂 I’ve missed him. The biggest thank you EVER to my parents who took care of him and all of his craziness over the last few months.
We had to say goodbye to my Mom too fast though….wish I could have come with her to the wedding!!! Congrats Christina and Jordan!!!! I am so so so happy for you! Christina….you look RIDICULOUSLY happy and so beautiful 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of the photos!!!
Well….Halloween is over, so that means we can decorate for Christmas, right? One month just isn’t enough time to celebrate 🙂
Fa la la la la!

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