Aqua Baby Tunic

This weekend we had such a fun little stay-cation touring all around Stanford (home) and San Francisco.

My favorite part was the 30 minutes we spent on the shore line, letting Mozzi splash in the waves.

I wanted to create a little play tunic (shorter, so the babes can roll around!) that made me remember that sparkly day by the water and the bright, bright California sun that shone down on us, making that February afternoon warm and memorable.

My wish for this litle girl: I hope that you will be able to bound around in the waves and sand, swimsuit clad and bold your entire life, thinking nothing of you and only of the bright, exciting, fun that comes from totally letting go. I hope you are brave enough to stick your head underwater, even when you don’t know what’s down there. I hope you will make friends with all creatures you find and be the cool, refreshing water in the hot tired days of life.

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