2015 07 Family Letters – Wrapping Up!

Dear family,

I am so so so sad that Oliver couldn’t make it for the reunion over the 4th of July but am SO happy that I was!!! What a treat it was to get to gather together in that beautiful lodge and spend time as a family – reminds me of the family reunions we used to have at Nana’s big beautiful yellow house or at Aspen Grove. I was so pleased to finally meet the newest additions to our family: baby Holly and baby Alexander, to spend time celebrating Nana’s 80th birthday, and to stay up late talking with cousins and catching up on life. What a beautiful, dynamic, impressive family we have! Seeing Blake’s little dog Riley made me homesick for Mozzi and O. You better bet they will both be coming next time!

Unfortunately I caught a nasty cold that weekend (could have been the fact that there were THIRTY babies on my flight into SLC…they counted) and after my red eye home on Monday night I was planning on going straight into work at noon on Tuesday. My darling husband met me at the airport with roses and cough drops and said that if I went into the office I would infect everyone!! So, I called in sick and went home to unpack and snuggle my pup. Sleeping alone in a bunk bed for two nights sure makes you appreciate snuggle buddies – puppy and human alike 😉

Oliver has been beyond busy at work lately (he left at midnight the other night!) and has admitted that he has been a little frustrated with the nature of…well…politics… and bureaucracies… and is looking forward to getting into the private sector after business school. I am excited for him too.

All is well and we are looking forward to spending August in Geneva with my family! We’re due for a summer break, right?

We’re all packed up and ready to leave DC! We will miss this beautiful city but are looking forward to spending August with family and the next two years in sunny California!


Rebecca + Oliver


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