2015 06 Family Letter – Summer Days

June Family Letter

Things are falling into place at the Palmer household! We found way to ship our things across the country, gave notice at our apartment, and squared away all of the details needed for Mozzis flight to Switzerland! Maman was kind enough to lend us Theo’s cat carrier to put him in on the plane. Yes, he is still smaller than Theodorable, though his muscles have grown immensely J

Biggest news—I passed the Series 66!!! And now, I am done with finance/FINRA exams for a while. I plan on sitting for the CFP exam this November, which will be fine, because with Mozzi in Geneva with my family, I will have nothing to do but study all week! O will be busy with school, I am sure J June was also full of social actives (yes, we are finally emerging from hermit-dom! Married life is great 🙂 ) Lauren, O and I spent a morning at Eastern Market eating yummy breakfast and perusing the crafts and art outside. We had dinner with some of our good friends, Nate and Becky Jensen, had high tea with Lauren at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in DC (sooo good), and met my aunt Natalie (more like a cousin) at a French restaurant downtown when she was in town for a few days. It is always so nice to have family nearby! I have missed having mine close.


Rebecca + Oliver


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