2015 05 Family Letter – Short and Snappy


It’s really hot outside now. My hair has turned into a lions mane, and not in a good way.

Good news:

  • We got an assured spot in the Escondido Low Rise apartments (our first choice) for Stanford, it’s almost right next to the GSB.
  • We also got our fellowship numbers! Happy to have a little clarity on the total $$$$ picture here. Yes, I’ve already crunched numbers five times over. Guess who gets to work until further notice? Me! (Maybe that should go in the bad news category)
  • Visited Jonny and Deb (and Baby James, and future baby girl Palmer, due in October) (and the rest of O’s family) last weekend for Jonny’s graduation. Harvard is beautiful, the weather was humid, and the apartment was, needless to say, very crowded. Happy to see some family. Congrats, Jonny! Done with school!
  • O had his 28th birthday in Boston! I had to fly home that morning for my final CFP presentation (yep, done with the whole program now!) so I entrusted the Palmer’s with having a proper birthday celebration for him. He ended up spending the whole day moving Jonny and Deb out of their apartment and into storage. Hmm.
  • We taught Mozzi how to swim the other day in the river! We waded in until it was knee deep and kept him on a leash just in case he needed a little break. Such a cute little fish 🙂I love him 🙂
  • Lauren came over for dinner and we showed her around our little trail across the street – it’s so fun having her nearby 🙂

Bad news:

  • having to tell everyone that I’m leaving this month
  • having to find another job and move across the country
  • this weather. Phew!
  • no Mozzi in Stanford housing 🙁 🙁


The (DC) Palmers

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