2015 04 Family Letter – Decisions

Dear Family,

We had some fantastic lightning and thunderstorms in April and are expecting another tonight! Oliver, Mozzi, and I shut off all the lights in the apartment, turned on the white Christmas lights around the windows, threw them wide open, and all piled our heads against the screen to watch the water pour and the street flood. Great fun 🙂 Along with the rainstorms we have also had a number of unseasonably (but we didn’t complain!) warm days in the 70s. We made it a point to go on a number of outings, including down to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms, where Mozzi was treated like a little celebrity, and many picnics and trips into the mini national park  (no joke!) across the street. We also took Mozzi to the dog park, where at first we confined him to the “small dog” area as he warmed up to the little itty bitty doggies. Then when he playmates all went home, we thought, what the heck! Let him play with the big dogs! (Cue images of German shepherds and labs and pointers and boxers tacking and barking violently each other in the yard adjacent). To our surprise, he was less afraid of the big dogs and had a grand time. At one point he was sitting in a circle of three other HUGE boxers that not only looked ferocious (they were actually pretty sweet) but were also a good four feet and 120 lbs heavier than he was (he is now a whopping 9 lbs!), and yet there he sat with his little tongue panting and tail wagging. Hanging with the big boys. We should have snapped a picture.

I aced my estate tax final and am now starting my final CFP class, the capstone project. Oliver had a productive trip to Taiwan, we are happy to have him home again.

I suppose the big news this month is that we decided to turn down the Harvard fellowship (and program) and go straight to business school at Stanford this fall. This is all still under wraps, as I haven’t told my boss yet, so the privacy settings on my Facebook page are very elaborate 😉

We are now starting to think about moving across the country (read: getting rid of almost everything) and I am keeping an eye on the job boards. In honest, I would LOVE to work at a start-up, but as the designated bread winner (har-har) that will have to be on the side for now 😉 I think I’m more excited than O is to be among all the other business and idea obsessed people in silicon valley. Heaven!

As 98% of apartments in Palo Alto (and 100% of campus housing) forbid pets of any kind (which really goes against the whole notion of innovative solutions, if you ask me), Mozzi will be spending fall semester on a ‘study abroad’ with my parents in Geneva. They were kind enough to watch the little nibblet while we use the four months to find an apartment and job off campus

Looking forward to lovely Lauren moving out to DC! We get to see her in just a few days!



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