2015 03 Family Letter – HEADED TO CALIFORNIA!


(Okay, be prepared for a lot of exclamation points this month!)

HAPPY APRIL! It SNOWED on the first day of spring here! (sniff, sniff)…and I was thinking I we could start packing up our multiple layers of scarves and boots and gloves! Wrong.

Big news (and there is a lot coming this month!)…I passed the 7! HUGE relief!!!!!!! The whole office congratulated me for weeks! (especially since I set the record for high score! ) The promotion/ raise were only a perk in comparison to the nerves that were relieved! Now I’m studying for the 66, which is much easier. Then the CFP! And then I will be so tired of taking big exams I might just crawl into a cave and hide. Hah. Just kidding. Then I will be a full fledged financial planner! If only legally.

Mozzi now weighs 7 lbs! The monster! We got him at 5.5…so he is getting muscle-y pretty quickly. This might be my fault, since I probably fed him a human sized portion of turkey yesterday in forms of little scraps . Pure protein makes him go WILD and run up and down and up and down the apartment for ages, then chase his tail furiously, then attack Oliver’s slipper like a tiger hunting a…..what do tigers hunt? Gazel? Anyway, the protein high is pretty entertaining to watch 🙂 The muscle build up is also likely from tugging his leash for 80% of our walks. That’s some serious exercise for the niblet. And me.

We started our own version of “spring cleaning” this month—by cleaning up our budget. Shopping at the little organic convenience markets by our house has really been racking up the $$$, so get a fresh start we played a game—no buying ANYTHING for the rest of the month! (transportation to work excluded)…this means that yesterday, for lunch, we ate cans of plain beans with some leftover salsa, finally made the frozen turkey mom bought us in December (which was actually so gourmet! And so much meat!), and ate chickpeas for breakfast! Hah! Why is it that there are always so many beans left over?! Anyway, we conquered our game, and after one very produce packed trip to the grocery store at the end of the month, are now converted to anti-convinience foods. Meaning, cooking! Oliver jokes and calls it Russian peasant food. I call it warm and healthy 😉 Learning to live on rice (apples) and beans (carrots) is all especially helpful for grad school prep because…………..

We finally got the call….. and OLIVER GOT INTO BUSINESS SCHOOL AT STANFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Thank you for all of your love, support, help, and prayers with our applications! We couldn’t have done it without your input! California, here we come!! Our #1 choice also happened to be Forbes #1 choice for business school as well 😉 We are still giddy.

And yet, it gets better…we just found out that we got a full ride to HKS (the Harvard Kennedy School of Government)!! This definitely sweetened the deal in considering doing a joint MA/MBA degree versus MBA alone. We are still deciding for certain, but looking forward to the sunny skies of California and the tuition free semesters in Cambridge (because…can you really look forward to MORE snow at this point?) hah!

All in all, we are so relieved and overjoyed. Our prayers early this month were flooded with “pleasepleasepleaseplease” and towards the end were full of “thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!”

Work has been INSANE the past couple weeks for both of us, O for reasons that I am not allowed to know, and myself because tax season has finally began pouring. We also hired another girl in the office and I have been training her. It’s great to finally NOT be the newest!

Oliver is in the White House all day yesterday for meetings relating to his upcoming trip to Taiwan. Good, because we get the sky miles, BAD, because Mozzi and I hate it when he is gone 🙁 At least it will be over general conference weekend, so Mozzi and I can stay home and build a fort with blankets and chairs in the living room. Heck, I might even sleep with him all week on the couch! And…breaking news…apparently he is heading to Seattle first thing tomorrow morning for work as well?! News to me!

Anyways, I am still super excited for (and totally jealous of) my Mom, Dad, and Sarah – who just got a house! Literally a Swiss Chalet on the side of the mountain, looking down on Lake Geneva. You better bet we are coming to visit!

Okay, I’m finished with the over enthusiasm. 🙂

Love you all!

Rebecca + Oliver

1912x608_Stanford_GSB_Courtyard_c_Tim_Griffithknight-center-street  Hoover Tower

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