2015 02 Family Letter – The Month of Mozzi


February brought another little member of the family into the Palmer household. After MONTHS of subtle, and not so subtle, pet shopping and oohing and awh-ing by yours truly, I woke up one Saturday to Oliver who was suddenly ready to get a puppy. Right then! As my only Saturday off in more than a month, we rented a car, called some breeders, threw some snacks in our backpack and out we went! The snow that day in DC was manageable… the roads were slippery but not enough to deter us on our puppy-spree.  BUT! If we had seen the road conditions that we would be stuck in for the next TEN HOURS on our way to Amish Country, PA… this story would have gone very differently. After slipping and sliding, and standing still on the blizzard covered I-95, witnessing cars crash and stalls and semis getting stuck on hills, after trying to take a “detour” around the I-95 traffic by going on the local roads that took us 2 hours (which lead us up and down steep hills that were covered in 6inches-1foot of pure ice and unplowed snow…in a little rental car), after almost dying once, and after the road trip stopped being fun and started being terrifying, we finally arrived back home, safe and (miraculously) sound, with our new 11 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, who we aptly names Mozzi (after the so named criminal mastermind sidekick).

The name is fitting, and we LOVE HIM! (but, as we all know, he is MY puppy because I love him more ;)) Thus far, we have had fun puppy proofing the apartment, spending hours snuggling, walking around the city, playing, chasing, tugging, trotting, and exhibiting lots and lots of patience. Mozzi has brought such a special kind of stress relief into our lives, despite, technically, adding to the to-dos. It is fun having something so small that loves you unconditionally and depends on you to keep it alive, happy, and well. It’s so nice to worry about something other than us. 😉 We are sleep deprived but happy, and now suddenly have so many more friends in the neighborhood! The little nugget keeps us occupied almost 24/7!

Oliver’s big news: He interviewed at Wharton in February, and just got invitations for Stanford and MIT this past week!! 90% of the hurdle….cleared!! It’s 50/50 from here on out. Keep us in your prayers J

And in my life: I was in the office one Saturday until 8 pm, after a full day of tax classes at Georgetown. That wasn’t so fun. But I also got to help solve some tax puzzles, started a new CFP class, attended book clubs with some amazing friends in the ward, and threw Oliver a few celebrations.  Not to mention, the handful of stealthy snuggle/sleepovers Moz and I have had on the couch over the last couple weeks. (shhhh 😉 )

March will bring lots of news in our house! Hopefully of the good sort 🙂


Rebecca + Oliver










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