2015 01 Family Letter – The Big 23!


Nana, forgive our letter for being late!

A recap on January, which we seemed to have almost skipped entirely:

Oliver has had some great days at work, and we have had some great time to breathe now that applications are done. Or, actually, more like hold our breath. Hah! Interviews are announced over the next month and a half-ish. Until then, we wait.

My parents are car-less and house-less and unfortunately still visa-less, but I’m sure they’ll tell you all about that.

I turned 23 earlier this month and my family came down to visit for the weekend—O covered the apartment in balloons and streamers and, as tradition, we celebrated with a flaming “pineapple cake” (aka, a pineapple with happy birthday candles in it). It was a treat to be loved and pampered. I had class all day long the day of, so we dubbed the whole week my birthday instead. I also finally got to see the inside of O’s office (behind multiple layers of very serious looking super thick and strangely locked doors) when we went to the pentagon gym that weekend to swim and sauna. As expected, the gym there is INCREDIBLE, and yes, full of very buff looking old military guys.

The gospel doctrine lessons have been going well, and O & I even had two couples over for lunch and games a few Sundays ago! Not sure if they liked the food, though, because they talked about baking a whole lot, anddddd…..well… you know what we eat. Hah. Either way, it’s good to almost, kind of, start making some friends in the ward. I finished my review class for the 7. Still studying for that one (you can all start praying for me now). Work has been, work, and I got the fun experience of being yelled at by a belligerent surgeon THREE TIMES in one day earlier this month. Tax season is upon us, which means the business is 300% bigger, and we should all have fire extinguishers under our desks.

At the end of the month O & I took a mini vacation and flew out to Utah to visit the Palmers. Cecily just got home from her mission in Argentina–such a treat to have her back and to get out of town for a bit! We spent the weekend at family parties with the Palmers and Olivers (O’s Mom’s side of the family), enjoyed the crisp Utah air, played way too many board games, went to the temple, ran errands, spent some time at BYU, spent an unfortunate half day in the emergency room (for stomach agony and a terrible allergic reaction…thanks for the memories, Tahiti), fawned over kittens in pet stores, and witnessed Maddie win 1st place in both of her swimming events! We also made it to SLC with Christopher on Sunday and had a lovely dinner with the cousins on Super Bowl Sunday. (Only Nana and David serve game day goodies on China! ;)) Shout out to Paige’s beau, who we finally got to meet. We gladly add our approval to the general admiration of everyone who loves you because you love our Paige! Belated welcome to the annals of the Baxter family letter 😉 Coming back to work after such a wonderful little family vacation can only be described as nauseating (refer to previous description of tax season). But we’re looking forward to May (Jonny’s graduation) and July (the reunion) already. On the way home from Utah we got to fly first class, which is a first for me, and I have seen the light. Room! There is room up there!

So, here’s to a …more fun February? With hopefully lots of Valentine’s Day (and Every Day) love, interview invitations (please please please), passing scores on both exams (double please) ,  and a little time for some entertainment too. Is that too much to wish for? If so, we’ll scale it back to …no emergencies and …neutral news?

Gros bisous,

R + O

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