2014 12 Family Letter – Merry Merry Christmas!

CMAS 2014_Page_1Family,

2015 already! The most wonderful, major things have happened this year: my BYU graduation, O’s promotion, getting engaged and married, our crazy honeymoon, moving into our first place, and starting a new job and the CFP program. As long as we keep this up, 2015 will be even better!

O and I took a bus back to NYC on Christmas Eve, where my gracious Dad met us in the strangely smelling bus station and laughed about our sketchy ride from D.C. on the “Peter Pan Bus.” O & I never set up a tree in our apartment (opting for a poinsettia instead) so it was a treat to come home to a glowing, warm, cinnamon smelling home for Christmas. (And to later come home with all of the cinnamon smelling candles! Yum!) Oliver got to participate in the annual Christmas Eve PJ celebration and loves his cozy set—thanks Nana! He also likes hugging me in mine…as they are, arguably, even cozier 🙂

On Christmas morning we slept in later than the 5 AM Christmas morning custom we were used to as children and made a delicious quiche and fruit salad breakfast with peppermint tea. Cecily, Oliver’s sister, called us via Skype from Argentina (literally from the end of the earth) which was a treat. She gets home in January, so we’re planning on seeing her and the Palmers (plus Nana and Grandpa David) soon! (Nana, we’re planning on roughly Jan 30th – Feb 2nd and can’t wait to see you!) We finally got to our stockings after the Skype call…what a fun surprise! As “adults” (hah-hah) we certainly weren’t expecting so many fun goodies!! Thank you again!!! J Michael’s Skype call was hilarious, as usual. My mom sent him a number of packages for Christmas, which he opened on Skype while we chatted along. It will be a while longer until he gets home, but time flies for those of us at home, right? (har-har, say the missionaries in the field) We didn’t get to the presents under the tree until late in the afternoon–I was particularly impressed with the yummy fruit and nut assortments from multiple family members, in addition to the most perfect thick, cozy socks!! You know our family well! (Seriously, the best pear I have EVER bitten into, and, I may have slept in that same pair of gray socks for three nights in a row now…. 🙂 ). The rest of the day was cozy and casual. Oliver played games with Christopher and Sarah and I fell asleep on the couch at an early hour. No surprises there!

Because of the impending move to Geneva, my mom decided to take the whole family skiing the next day in the Poconos. Sarah took lessons and the boys hit the slopes on snowboards. Bruising like a peach and snowboarding on a manufactured ice mountain was not a combination that sounded appealing to me, so I hung out in the lodge with my dad and talked business ideas. . About halfway through the day O switched to skis, which he did very well on for his first time! (Which is a relief, as I’m not sure what kind of omen it is to find a hornet in your jacket sleeve before your first run! Yes, it stung him, no, he was a man and didn’t cry like I would have. Hah! ) My mom, the black diamond bunny, could ski in circles around anyone, but as it turns out…she is a great teacher! The girls will have much better conditions for lessons in lovely, fluffy snow country of Switzerland. The Bradshaws have sold the house, cars, lots of furniture, loads of “stuff”, and are ready to head out! We will miss having them in the states, but look forward to visiting and touring a bit of Europe next August! Maybe Theo will make some Swiss squirrel friends.

Some other tidbits: I was called as the Gospel Doctrine teacher for my ward. I like teaching, so it should be fun. We have a really diverse mix in our ward, from very established conservative families, to very established VERY liberal families, to mid singles, to young married couples, to immigrants who speak broken English. Luckily the famous people are kind and make good comments in class.

ALSO! In 72 hours, Oliver will be done with MBA applications!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!  IT IS ALMOST OVER!!!!!!!!!

I, still, have not yet taken the 7 (Blakey, I bet you beat me!) and am
still swimming swimming swimming. Onward, ever onward, right?

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Bisous, and until next month!

Rebecca + Oliver

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