2014 10 Family Letter – CFP Nights and Spooky Days


We blinked and October was over! Some of the major points include:

I wrapped up my second CFP course (Insurance, Annuities, and Employee/Exec Benefits) at Georgetown.  While I found it much more interested than anticipated, I am happy to be moving on to the next class this weekend: investment strategy!  I continue to be in a time consuming relationship with The Seven – a friend took it last week and failed.  I am partially relieved (yes, that may make me an awful person), partially terrified, and majorly motivated by this.  After the Seven, I’ll be on to the Sixty-six and then the CFP – so basically, a year straight of studying for three separate meaty exams.  I am motivated by my job and the chances I am being afforded to interact with clients and answer some of their questions.  The other week SPC (my firm) hosted a “Tax Chili Cookoff” at a themed fall event in a community nearby. We got to dress up in cowboy outfits and hand out goodies to families and advice to parents.  Our booth was a hit, and by no small tender mercy yours truly ended up on the front page of the paper the next week, showing an funny picture of me putting a cowboy hat on a little girl’s head. Hah! I am feeling much more capable and settled, finally starting to apply the things I’m learning from the Seven and Georgetown to our clients. It feels great to be helpful.  Maybe I’ll tackle the CPA after the CFP.

O & I had a ball the other night going to Ellen & Gabe Bush’s house for dinner. We took our double date to the roof top pool deck and chatted under the peculiarly warm night sky looking over DC all aglow.  We all hit it off and had a grand time – one couple friend in DC…score!!  It’s good to get a bit more acquainted to the ward. No callings yet, but we did meet with our Bishop who actually asked what callings we would like! Haha! Reverse psychology? Who knows. I think O would make a great teacher, and even though everyone is terrified of nursery, I wouldn’t mind getting a baby-fix every week.

Speaking of babies…..congrats to Caroline, Joe & little H! Alexander is a babe! Double props for not only having the most beautiful baby, but also for choosing the best names! Regal.

As far as the realm of politics goes, Oliver’s late night last night turned out to be due to a huge opportunity – he was asked to write the China section of the National Security Strategy which is published and distributed worldwide every year.  He has pushed the idea of getting a PhD off the table for now and is focusing on MBA applications.  Not sure where we will be next year. I will follow him around the world and back if needed 🙂

And for the MOST exciting news: I was thrilled (and agonized) to hear that my family is finally moving to a French-speaking country…but without me! Switzerland! O & I already have plans to visit them in Geneva next year.  Now that I’ve tackled South East Asia, it’s time for him to see Europe 🙂 (which is, in my option, much less chaotic and much more civilized) I am so excited for them! Sarah & my Mom (and Dad, obviously) will LOVE being so close to all of the major European cities. The English-speaking ward they are looking into also has a pretty impressive youth program, given the area.  This will be the most magnificent cultural/social opportunity for Sarah(at the International School)/Mom and work opportunity for my Dad! (So I hope they’ve already announced this in this FL also, otherwise…whoops! Sorry!)

Our office had a surprisingly festive Halloween costume party today, and one of my coworkers brought in her dog, which just reminded me how badly I want a pet. You know, so I have something snuggly waiting at home for me on the nights when O works late.  Santa already has my Christmas list.

Well, no pictures on the wall yet, and the heater still doesn’t work, but our little abode is starting to feel like home. Since I have class on the weekends, Oliver has the good fortune of getting to play ‘house-man’ and do all of the cleaning and laundry! I love him for his funny attitude and enthusiasm for his honey-do-list 😉

Life is good.

Rebecca & Oliver


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