2014 08 Family Letter – OUR WEDDING 08.09.14

OUR WEDDING 08.09.14

Loved Ones,

We won’t have photos from the wedding for another few months (after we get back from our Honeymoon in Taiwan, Beijing, Burma, Thailand, and Frankfurt)….but I thought I would write down some memories from the day while it’s still fresh.

Friday: Busy

The day before the wedding we had the chance to meet with Elder Ballard (a relative of Oliver’s through his Father’s side), who we had originally asked to do our sealing. Some counsel he gave us: 1) always end each day, kneeling and holding hands, saying a prayer of gratitude for one fore day together 2) we are each other’s best teachers…we have much to learn about being a spouse, a mother, and a father, and should listen to each other’s “suggestions.”  Elder Ballard and Oliver talked extensively about O’s current position as Country Director for Taiwan Military Policy on the Asia team in the DoD/Pentagon and the future of missionary work in China and Taiwan. He also counseled Oliver not to leave his position at the DoD “without much consideration” to pursue grad school.

We were all dressed up, myself in a dress for my Bridal Tea at the Grand America with Nana and family, Oliver for his temple session later in the day.  The people at the marriage license office were kind and efficient, and we parted ways afterwards at the hair salon where Oliver dropped me to meet up with my Mom and sister Sarah. The tea was PERFECT and so, so lovely. Exactly the kind of bridal shower that I dream of. One day I hope to be as gracious and lovely as Nana. She has now given us two lovely tea sets: one back and gold, and one that, actually, is a gold Chinese theme.

Saturday: Wedding Day!

Oliver was a darling and tried to console me and make me laugh when my hair looked tragically AWFUL and I was sobbing right before our photo shoot in the morning. After that ridiculous hiccup, the day went smoothly. We smooched in front of crowds on temple square for our photographer, gathered with the Palmers and Bradshaws inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for family photos, had a lovely brunch with Oliver’s friends from Princeton in the social room of Nana’s building, and made it to the temple dressed and on time 🙂 Many times during the day, we would stop, look at eachother and in awe, say “We’re getting married!?” Since that day, the phrase has translated to “We’re married!!!” (approximate count, 58 times in 4 days). Perhaps the most tender moment for us was when Oliver got to take me thought the veil at the temple, a sure confirmation of the goodness of our choice to be sealed. Oh, how in love we are! What a tender man he is, and how lucky am I to be sealed to my best friend and soul mate for time and all eternity.

The ceremony, as many remarked afterwards, was particularly touching. Elder Wells, our sealer, gave the most lovely, insightful, entertaining advice about life as illustrated by the laws of the gospel…sacrifice, obedience, chastity (romance), consecration, and ….what was the last? I was a little uncomfortable, sitting there in a room full of around 60 people staring at us (though they are al people we love dearly) and kissed him a bit shyly over the alter. After we exchanged rings, Elder Wells told Oliver to “kiss her for real” and he gave me a long, much-too-passionate kiss in front of everyone! As my Mother later remarked in the Bride’s room “It does a girl good to be wanted like that! ;)”

The reception was perfect. Held in the elegant Empire Room of the JSMB, surrounded by white table linens and pale pink and white roses, with chandeliers glowing overhead among carved dark wood paneling. Oliver spent time talking to his many friends who flew in from afar, and I fluttered in my long, flowing dress from table to table, catching up with dear friends (particularly mission friends, grandparents, and family.

We served Chicken Wellington, salad & rolls, veggies, and chocolate almond mousse for desert. Oliver and I posed for the traditional “taking a bite of the wedding cake” picture, even though neither of us eat cake (or grains of any kind, dairy, or sugar). We escaped from the reception though a row of sparklers that lit up the night path from the JSMB to the curb where our black carriage and black horse was waiting to take us to the Grand America. On the way over, people on the street took photos and videos of us, cheered, and waved.

Oliver chose the most perfect suite at the Grand. A full living room, plush bedroom, and luxurious bathroom with mirrored french doors. The hotel send up chocolate covered strawberries which made a perfect midnight indulgence (as we don’t usually have sugar).

Sunday: More Perfect

On Sunday I woke Oliver up at 5am by rolling onto him and saying…”we’re married!!!!!” ….while he was exhausted from a week full of work and wedding business, I was too excited to sleep. After a morning of working on my to-dos and chatting with my Mom, we finally took off for Park City. We opened presents after church on the way. So many lovely gifts! Two tea sets, a statue of Christ, a full set of cookware that Uncle Kevin MADE, etc. We applied all of our cash gifts to a brand new professional camera and lens to document our adventures around the world 🙂

Mon-Tues: Park City

Park City was heaven on earth. Our hotel suite was a fully functional condo with granite, stainless, w/d, fully stocked kitchen, fireplace, etc. We spent mornings on runs around the mountains, went for a swim and a hot tub at the resort, rode the town ski lift up the mountain, hiked around, and then ended the night with a delicious steak dinner for our starving bodies.


Somehow, in between playing with Baby James and hugging and kissing hundreds of people, Oliver and I caught the nastiest of nasty colds and have been sneezing and woozing and coughing for days! I suppose it has taught us how to take care of each other better, and certainly made life feel “normal” as opposed to “honeymoon like”….haha! But we used our time efficiently, and while Oliver was at work, I found an apartment for us 🙂 We now officially have somewhere to live! I cannot wait to move into our very own squeaky tiny apartment and make it home 🙂

And Beyond!!

We get back into the states on September 8th 2014 and will be moving into our apartment that week before I start my Financial Planning program at Georgetown on Friday and work as a Client Associate at SPC Financial on Monday. Oliver has grad school applications to prepare for again, and I have an impressive amount of studying to do, but life together will be sweet, active, and exciting.

Here we go! :)))))))




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