2014 06 – Wedding Dresses and Russian Spies


Love is in the air! Congratulations to the most gorgeous couple on earth, Blakey and Scotie!! I was bummed not be be able to make the wedding but loved looking at all of the stunning photos online. 🙂 Scotie, we are so happy to have you in our family! (Could there be a better addition to the Baxter Beauties?? Nicely done, Blakey! Nicely done ;))

June flew by. I got to play Mom when Christopher flew out to Utah after his high school graduation, a week before he started BYU. I’m not sure if he’ll remember any of the (what I considered to be) crucial bits of wisdom regarding freshman year and BYU, or any of the buildings on my excited cruising tour, but it was nice to spend some time together. He also got to be my chauffeur for the whole week, resulting from the fact that while he has his license, he’s only had it for a measly seven days, and definitely needed some more practice. Let’s just say, you aren’t allowed to turn left in New Jersey, but, surprise!! You sure are in Utah… He’s staying in the New Heritage buildings, which are pretty swanky for freshman boys, if you ask me! Oliver and I would be lucky to find an apartment with granite counter tops and fresh paint in DC! Hah! All in all, he seems to like his roommates and has already finished (?!?!) all of the work for his “hard class”. That whiz kid move, along with early graduation, and combined with the snazzy new pair of glasses he got for college have convinced me to start calling him Dexter. It seems fitting. All in favor?

Planning planning more planning. I picked up my dress from my seamstress literally a couple hours before I caught my plane to NJ. It’s very well done and I am pleased with the result. But rewinding a bit, before I left for NJ, I picked up Deborah (soon to be sister-in-law), her baby James, and Brian (Oliver’s father) at 4:00AM on a Sunday and we drove out to California to do some house renovations for the Palmers. As my mother smiled and called it (when I was laying dead exhausted a week later in New Jersey) a “working vacation”. But I’m convinced that there’s no better way to bond than by doing house work together! Jonny also flew out (Oliver’s brother, Deb’s husband) which was a treat. What a blessing to be able to spend so much time with the whole family! The only two missing were Oliver, and Cecily, who is on a mission in Argentina. Deb and I drove back on Saturday morning (also at 4am… decidedly the best time to road trip with a baby) and literally talked for the entire trip back to SLC. James was an angel child who just slept and cooed in the back seat the whole way home. A week full of love and blessings, for sure 🙂

Arriving back home after a red-eye on Saturday night was like walking into a dream. Oh, how I missed my family! And Theodorable! After a couple days at home, I drove out to D.C. to interview at a financial firm and spend the week with O. It’s going to be a great month! Oliver will be in San Fransisco for a while before the wedding, and we still have (gulp) apartment hunting to do…which, in the district, is pretty much like trying to catch a monkey in the Amazon. Plenty of options, but they move so fast! We are hopeful something fitting will turn up.
Oliver and his cohort have been at the White House more frequently than usual this month, but like always, he has been adamant about not saying anything else. Jonny laughed when I told him about O’s escapades a few weeks ago and was surprised that I wasn’t suspicious of marrying international spy. If I hadn’t met his boss a couple times, and if I hadn’t accused my own father of being a Russian spy after seeing that he was born “Outside of the USA” on my birth certificate…aaaaaaannnnd if I myself didn’t want to be a spy from ages six to …..*cough*twenty-one*cough*,  I might very well be suspicious….haha…But anyway, my international man of (authorized) mystery has been busying his free time booking flights for our honeycation. In anticipation of all of that sun and sand, I took Sarah to Sandy Hook Beach the other day, where we attempted to start the seeds of a nice, moderate tan. Unfortunately, I came back looking like a tomato that had been exposed to leprosy. Current status: still fading.
In other news, I’m starting a grad program at Georgetown in Financial Planning this fall, which I am thrilled about. It runs from mid-September (perfect) to next May (perfect), and is exactly what I need to help prep and qualify for the CFP boards in a few years. Yes, I already have the textbooks, and yes, I am already studying. But can you call it studying when it’s this FUN?!
À la prochain!
Rebecca & Oliver

P.S. To clear up residual notions that my father, is, in fact, a Russian spy….his “place of birth” on my birth certificate turned out to be a “clerical error”, which they corrected to say “Born in: Lovelock, Nevada” and then promptly sent to me in the mail.

Which then, mysteriously, got lost in the mail.


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